Macarena district

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Escape the tourist track and discover a typical Sevillian district by walking through La Macarena. The Calle Feria is full of activity throughout the morning and has a market selling fresh fish and vegetables. In the afternoon the people of the area can be seen enjoying a drink and eating tapas in the local bars.

El Palacio de los Dueñas is a Mudejar building from the XV century with its main feature being the central patio. It is home to the dukes of Alba whose suit of arms can be seen above the main entrance. The basílica de la Macarena, near the Calle Feria, houses the image of the Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena which is the most worshipped in Seville. Next to the church are the Macarena Arc and the remains of the Arab Wall that once surrounded the city.




Recommended visits in this neighbourhood

Visit The Perdigones Tower - Camera Obscura.
Bordering Seville’s old quarter, and from a height of 45mts, the CAMERA OBSCURA of the Tower of Perdigones offers fantastic views of the city. The CAMERA OBSCURA projects an image of what is happening in real time around the Tower of Perdigones. It consists in a white horizontal screen, a mirror and a few magnifying glasses. The mirror and the magnifying glasses are located at the end of a periscope, situated over the screen. The light comes into the periscope, through the mirror and is projected on the horizontal screen. The result is like a picture but with movement.

Among the churches and convents of the district, the Monastery of San Clemente and the Church San Pedrohave preserved the traditional Sevillian spirit. On the other hand, The church San Luis is provided with a wondefull barroque facade, a work of Leonardo Figeroa. Also inside is spectacular. The convent of Santa Paula offers the chance to gain an insight into a closed order. The tower of Don Fadrique, part of the convent of Santa Clara, is characteristic of the western part of the district.

The restored hospital de las Cinco Llagas, in the north of la Macarena, is now used by the parliament of Andalusia. 

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