Alameda de Hércules

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The Alameda de Hércules is a vast open space in the very center of Seville, originally surrounded by Alamo trees, that give the place part of its name - Alameda.<--break->

On the side closest to the center there are two giant Roman pillars, one of which bears a statue of Julius Cesar while the other holds a statue of Hércules (giving the other part of it's name), who according to the legends was the founder of Seville. In this sense the Alameda might be considered the origin of Seville. In fact the oldest church of Seville, el Omnium Sanctorum, is not far from the Alameda. 

Bars and terraces in summer and winter

The area is the main "altenative" district of Seville and a great number of artists live here. Diversity and vanguard are reflected in the great variety of bars, restaurants and terraces you find on and around the Alameda de Hércules.  Nowadays it is a lively neighbourhood where you can enjoy, either in summer or winter, both your morning coffee and breakfast (tostada) as your evening tapas, beer and late night drinks.

Bohemian atmosphere

The area has a certain bohemian atmosphere, which cannot be found in other areas of Seville and combines very well with the friendly atmosphere of a variety of people that enjoy their leisure time on or around the Alameda.


Alameda nostalgy...

Until some ten years ago the city council did not really pay attention to this district, but fortunately they have changed their politics. Thanks to government aid many of the beautifull typical sevillian houses have now been restored, although part of its original character and charm were lost in the act, not to everybody's liking.









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